Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Notes on a Star-Stalking Muse' - pictorial nou Chotronette

Chotronette a lansat un nou pictorial, 'Notes on a Star-Stalking Muse', un preview la noua colectie S/S 2012

Storyline: Sand, water, distant galaxies and a readhead's exuberance in stalking liquid illusions.

Characters: Copper curls out of Klimt's Kiss

The little prince's reflection on a telescope lens

Intricate love affair foretold by a peacock
Soundtrack: Private lectures of Hamlet performed by David Bowie
Photo by Silvia Chiteala
Photo manipulation by Niculae Negura
Model Codruta Teslarasu
Makeup Luciana Sasu
Hairstyle Ioana Cosma